The 20th of February was a special day in the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs calendar with the launching of the first ever Community Care Workshop. In opening the Rewa Community Care workshop this morning at Burebasaga village, the Deputy Secretary iTaukei Affairs, Mr Saimoni Waibuta, acknowledged the great contributions and partnership that the Rewa Care Committee through the Provincial Council Office has forged with the Fiji Correctional Services and respective NGOs, especially the Pacific Centre for Peacebuilding.

Furthermore Mr Waibuta reiterated the need to strengthen our iTaukei values since these values form the strong bond between the family and the communities in which we live in. He said that Fiji is undergoing rapid changes and it has coincided with deterioration of our values.

Mr Waibuta commented that in as much as we would like to embrace these changes, it is also important to continue to uphold these values as they form the basis of a peaceful and happy family. The Rewa Care was established in 2011 following a resolution by the Rewa Provincial Council after consultation with Fiji Corrections services to provide services to Rewa ex-offenders. This year, the Rewa Care Committee, in the need to extend its services, are progressing in registering Rewa Community Care as an arm of Rewa Care under the Charitable Act.