Welcome to the Website of the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs.

On this platform we hope to provide you universal access and greater global awareness on our mandated role for the wellbeing and good governance of Fiji’s iTaukei population locally and around the globe.  This mandate will be addressed through the implementation of good governance practices in indigenous or iTaukei institutions – which includes the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, the iTaukei Affairs Board, the iTaukei Land Trust Board, the iTaukei Trust Fund and the Centre for Appropriate Technology and Development.

Two significant departments of the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs include the iTaukei Land & Fisheries Commission (TLFC) and the iTaukei Institute for Language & Culture (TILC).  TLFC is custodian to various critical registers including the Vola ni Kawa Bula (VKB) aka Register of Native Landowners.  The VKB which has been manually maintained and updated since 1900 is currently being digitised to widen its accessibility both locally and globally.  Another mandated role of the TLFC is the ongoing demarcation and survey of iTaukei land parcels around Fiji; and to adjudicate on disputes regarding land ownership, fishing rights and chiefly positions.

TILC is responsible for safeguarding iTaukei culture and heritage through its cultural mapping programme of the 1171 villages in the 14 provinces of Fiji.  This exercise includes the verbal, scribed and digitised recording of all traditional knowledge and expressions of culture for Fiji.  

The iTaukei with their collective ownership of more than 80% of Fiji’s natural resources are uniquely placed at the centre of national commitment towards sustainable development for national growth. Hence, empowering the iTaukei through the integration of iTaukei development interests into national development plans and programmes, and encouraging Partnerships with non-government and Community Based Organizations such as the Yaubula Management Support Teams will be strengthened to complement Government‘s outreach programmes and projects.  Two such pressing programs involve Oceans; and Climate Change. Partnership is critical to ensure local participation and improve delivery of development programmes while assisting iTaukei and rural communities to achieve higher economic growth and at the same time ensure sustainability.  
This website contents are structured to meet your specific information requirement on the Ministry of iTaukei and its various programs to achieve its Vision.

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Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama
Prime Minister and Minister for iTaukei Affairs