(Role as prescribe under Section Seven (7) of the iTaukei Lands Act 1905)

An independent Appeals Tribunal consisting of a chairman and two other members is provided secretarial services by the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs.  Appointment for the Chairman and the 2 Tribunal members are made by the Minister responsible for iTaukei Affairs.

The role of the Appeals Tribunal is to hear and determine appeals from the decision of the iTaukei Land & Fisheries Commission (TLFC) under section 6 and 17.  Any determination by the Appeals Tribunal thereafter shall be final and conclusive and cannot be challenged in a court of law.

Any person aggrieved by a decision of the TLFC or of a TLFC Commissioner can contest or make an appeal within ninety days after the decision is made. The appeal can be made by the appellant or his/her duly authorized agent to the Appeals tribunal.

The Appeals Tribunal have powers to hear further evidence under the following conditions:

  • If the evidence could not have been obtained for use at the earlier inquiry before TLFC;
  • If the further evidence would likely have influence on the decision; and
  • If the evidence is presumably true.