Registration  for iTaukei Landowners

  • Register of Overseas Births
  • Deletion of Names from Overseas Birth Entries
  • Issue of TLFC Certificate
  • Transfer of Names
  • Verification of names of Land Owning Unit (LOU) from Deed of Trust, FEA, Housing Authority, Land Bank etc.
  • Amendment of Names in Register from evidence provided

Land and Fisheries

  • Confirmation of Traditional Customary titles
  • Conduct Traditional Roles Awareness Programmes
  • Confirmation of Traditional Landownership and  Boundaries
  • Confirmation of Traditional Fishing Grounds Boundaries
  • Revert of Extinct land
  • Confirmation of extinct mataqali in liason with TLTB
  • Amendment of Traditional Fishing Grounds Ownership Records
  • Confirmation of Waiver of Customary Fishing Rights
  • Conduct Awareness Programmes to Tribal Groups
  • Investigate Cases of Challenging of TLFC Decisions

Project Unit

Lands Survey

  • Visiting of Unsurveyed iTaukei Land based on Sworn Evidence from iTaukei Lands & Fisheries Commission Records

Surveying of Land Boundaries

  • Surveying of Unsurveyed Land
  • Drawing of map for Surveyed Land