As we move towards sustainable development, active participation of the iTaukei in the management of their natural resources is vital. With the change in common vision in 2010, and the adoption of a new vision of “A prosperous Vanua for a Better Fiji” in 2016.

The establishment of the National iTaukei Resource Owners Council; is to encourage communities to take an active role in resource management. Unlike FLMMA, this August body consists of Provincial Council nominees that are tasked with the following objectives and functions.

  • Promote the capacity development of the iTaukei to make informed decisions on sustainable management of their natural resources.
  • Ensure the participation of the iTaukei in decision making process that affects their natural resources.
  • Support efforts to build a resilient iTaukei community against climate change.


  • Facilitate and encourage dialogue between resource owners and other parties on issues relating to sustainability of natural resources.
  • Ensure that views of the iTaukei are incorporated into legislations and policies and strategies relating to land use and natural resources.
  • Ensure that all projects in the Province supports the sustainable management of natural resources.
  • In consultation with resource owners, provide advice to programs and projects seeking to access natural resource for their activities.
  • Represent the interest of the iTaukei in meetings and consultations and make recommendations on sustainable management of natural resources and protection of ecosystem services.
  • Act a Forest Owners Representative for the purpose of forest policy.
  • Promote Free Prior Informed Consent.
  • Ensure traditional and expressions of culture of the iTaukei are protected.
  • Provide inputs into the development and implementation of climate change adaptation to strengthen the capacities of iTaukei communities to cope with effects of climate change