The Development Services Division provides policy advice on the social, economic and environmental matters that affect the good governance and wellbeing of the iTaukei. Through its Research and Policy Unit, the Division engages in consultative forums with other iTaukei Institutions, government agencies, CSOs, NGOs and other key stakeholders to ensure that iTaukei interests are considered in key policy issues and programmes that support their overall development.

The Monitoring and Evaluation Unit within the Division, monitors and evaluates projects and programmes of the organisation, to ensure that they meet the objectives in addition to promoting efficiency and encouraging a performance oriented organization. The Unit ensures that government funded programmes are reported in a timely manner guaranteeing efficiency, accountability and transparency in the overall achievement.  The unit is also tasked with the development of benchmarks to assess organizational performance.

The Division oversees the following programmes; Village Bylaws (VBL); iTaukei Leadership Curriculum, National iTaukei Resource Owners Committee (NTROC) and the development of an iTaukei Contextualized Child Protection programme.

The Division is Secretariat to both internal and external forums that oversee development within iTaukei communities.