Corporate Services Division is responsible for corporate services, products and advice including human resource management; accommodation and facilities management; financial management; training and development; information management and technology services; procurement; and logistics.  It features the following five major Units:

1. Human Resources Management & Asset Management Unit (HRMAMU)

The Human Resources & Asset Management Unit encourages employees’ alignment to the Ministry’s objectives and values through professional advice, strategies, programs,  personnel and logistical services including management of assets; it promotes a corporate learning environment dedicated to the development and wellbeing of employees. The Unit also fosters workplace diversity which encourages productivity and inventive ideas to improve services in the Ministry.

2. Finance Unit (FU)

The Finance Unit provides financial information, analysis and advice; accounting operations and support including the management of the financial system and oversees    the Ministry’s compliance with financial frameworks and maintenance.  This includes internal and external auditing of accounts.

3. Complaints and Public Relations Unit (CPRU)

The Complaints and Public Relations Unit registers complaints received by the Ministry and consults with other Institutions and agencies to resolve complaints.  It is also    responsible for Media & Public Relations matters for the iTaukei Institutions. The Unit also provides secretariat support to the iTaukei Institutions community outreach and     Roadshow programs.

4. Management Information Systems Unit (MISU)

The Management Information Systems Unit provides Information Technology services to the Ministry staff. It is also the Ministry’s desk officer to the government’s ITC    Department.  

5. Compliance Unit (CU)

The Unit is responsible for monitoring and verifying CSD’s responsibilities according to the new financial year, the Annual Corporate Plan and CSD Business Plan.  The Unit is also Secretariat to the Director Corporate Services Division.