Functions of the Permanent Secretary

The Permanent Secretary for iTaukei Affairs with the agreement of the Prime Minister and Minister for iTaukei Affairs and Sugar Industry in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Fiji 2013 Section 127 (3) (7) (8):

1. is responsible for the efficient, effective and economical management of the Ministry;
2. has authority to appoint, remove and to institute disciplinary action against all staffs in the Ministry
3. has authority to determine all pertaining to the employment of all staffs in the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs including:

(a) the terms and conditions of employment;
(b) the qualification requirements for appointment and the process to be followed for appointment, which must be open, transparent and competitive selection process based on merit;
(c) the salaries, benefits and allowances payable, in accordance with the budget as approved by Parliament; and
(d) the total establishment or the total number of staff that are required to be appointed, in accordance with the budget as approved by Parliament