Ni Sa Bula Vinaka

Welcome to the official website of the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs.PS Itaukei affairs

It is our objective that this website provides you with the information and services of the Ministry, with due regard to its mandated role to oversee the wellbeing and good governance of the iTaukei. The Ministry maintains this through its various policy initiatives and programmes.

Other iTaukei institutions and relevant stakeholders inspired by the common vision of “A Prosperous Vanua for a Better Fiji” are also linked to this website. This site is also linked to our Facebook webpage and YouTube accounts. The Facebook and YouTube link is a representation of how the Ministry is committed to ensuring that the values and principles of the iTaukei community are safeguarded, and that iTaukei communities through the interactive Facebook discussions can have a say on issues that matter, regardless of how remote from Fiji an individual may be. These new links are a representation of our commitment, in ensuring that we continue to evolve our services to meet your needs.

Furthermore, this site is an attempt to inform you as stakeholders of the various services within the four Divisions in the Ministry, and explain the nature and objectives of each of the Division. This site will also feature various publications within the Ministry, the iTaukei Focus which is focused on the integration of various national initiatives by the organsation, and at the same time, the Lialiaci is motivated on safeguarding the iTaukei culture.

The purpose of this site is also to update each of you on the status of each of the capital projects within the Ministry, and furnish you with forms and procedures relevant to the services that we provide.

We thank you again for your interest, and we hope that this will be the first of many other opportunities for you to visit this site, as we continue to work towards A BETTER FIJI FOR ALL.








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